Ford Trademarks Inflatable LUV… For Real!

Ford Motor Co. just filed for a trademark on the "Inflatable Light Urban Vehicle (ILUV)" name. We know it sounds like a late April Fools' Day joke, but it's not.
Henry Ford II World Center 1 photo
The Michigan-based company really applied for the "Inflatable Light Urban Vehicle" name on March 21, 2013, under the "Vehicles; apparatus for locomotion by land, air or water" class. The ILUV was registered as trademark 85882491.

You can start pouring those question now, but don't expect any answers soon. We don't have a clue what this ILUV (iLUV?) vehicle is about, except the fact that it won't actually be inflatable. However, until we find out more we'll go with Ford Inside News, who claims the ILUV "could be a two or three wheel small electric vehicle" for the Chinese and European markets.

Let's say some kind of Toyota i-Road, the "efficient urban means of transportation" we've already seen at the 2013 Geneva Motora Show.


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