Ford Thunderbird Turn Signal Stuck in Man's Arm for 51 Years

You know you're a real car enthusiast when you start wearing parts of them. And we're not referring to hanging a piston on a chain down your chest; wearing car parts inside your body.
Arthur Lampitt and the metal turn signal 1 photo
Photo: Jesse Bogan, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
This is the story of Mr. Arthur Lampitt who lived for 51 years with a metal turn signal inside his arm. The part protruded his skin back in 1963, when the man, working as a real estate agent, had a crash in his Ford Thunderbird.

The metal stick was completely covered by Arthur's skin and somehow it slipped past unnoticed by the medics who were more concerned about the man's broken hip.

Arthur was unaware too about the part stuck inside his hand and discovered it's there about 10 years ago when he set off a courthouse metal detector. He had no idea what generated that, but he suspected it could be related to the 1963 accident.

He took the old photos of the wreck and noticed the missing turn signal stalk on the steering column of his T-Bird. Recently, his arm started to hurt and Arthur decided it's time to take it out, as the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports.

After a 45-minute surgery, the medics managed to pull out a slightly bent and corroded, seven-inch metal shaft out of the man's arm. They said a protective pocket had formed around it and that's the reason why Mr. Arthur had no idea it was there.

The man said he might turn it into a keychain sometime or give it to his doctor, who is apparently collecting this sort of items.
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