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Ford Seen Testing Charger Hellcat at Dearborn Plant, Is a 4-Door Mustang Coming?

Just a little over a year ago, Ford pulled the plug on its final sedan in the United States when production for the Fusion was ended on July 31, 2020. Before killing off the Fusion, Ford also discontinued the Taurus, knowing that it would focus exclusively on SUVs, muscle cars and pickup trucks going forward.
Ford caught testing a Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat 6 photos
Ford caught testing a Dodge Charger SRT HellcatFord caught testing a Dodge Charger SRT HellcatFord caught testing a Dodge Charger SRT HellcatFord caught testing a Dodge Charger SRT HellcatFord benchmarking a Ram 1500 TRX
Another focus for the Blue Oval is that of electric mobility, and this includes performance-oriented models. Trust us, the Mustang Mach-E is no slouch. But could Ford be planning something entirely different for an encore? There have been various reports pointing to ‘Mustang’ becoming its own sub-brand, which in turn means it could spawn several new models to place alongside the two-door muscle car and the Mach-E crossover.

It’s fun to speculate, and these images courtesy of Ford Authority are the perfect fuel to our speculative fire. They show a Ford-owned Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Widebody model (the yellow sticker is a telltale sign) being driven around the Dearborn facility in Michigan.

Ford is certainly well-acquainted with the Hellcat drivetrain, seen as how they also benchmarked FCA’s Ram 1500 TRX model. So then, why are they playing around with the Charger Hellcat? The most logical reason would be because they’re planning a new sedan model of their own and it will either feature a high-performance variant at the very top of the range, or it will simply be a standalone high-performance car.

Then there’s the question of powertrain. It could be an internal combustion unit capable of going toe to toe with the Hellcat’s 6.2-liter supercharged Hemi V8, or maybe it could be a fully electric drivetrain – something to challenge both the Charger as well as the Tesla Model S. Two birds, one stone.

As far as we’re concerned, we’d love to see Ford get back in the sedan game, especially with something that can rival the 707 hp Charger Hellcat, or better yet, blow it out of the water.


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