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Ford's Spin Ride-Sharing Service Lands in Another Country, the Sixth One on Its List

They might become more and more controversial as many countries don’t have enough regulations for the riders, but e-scooters are still a growing trend. The micromobility industry is blooming and the invasion of the electric two-wheelers continues. Ford-owned operator Spin brings its services to yet another European country.
Spin ride-sharing service arrives to Portugal 6 photos
Spin e-scootersSpin e-scootersSpin e-scootersSpin e-scootersSpin ride-sharing service arrives to Portugal
Portugal becomes the sixth country to allow Spin’s scooters on its roads (and hopefully not on its sidewalks), with the city of Matosinhos becoming the first one to be colored in Spin’s striking orange. Ford announced that a fleet of 200 Spin e-scooters would begin to operate throughout the city, and based on consumer demand, the service will expand that fleet.

Why Matosinhos? According to Ford, this is one of the eight cities in Europe to take part in ATELIER’s (Amsterdam Bilbao Citizen Driven Smart Cities) project that wants to reduce CO2 emissions in urban areas by 1.7 kilotons following the next years.

Matosinhos might be the first city in Portugal where Spin launches its services, but it won’t be the last, as the company plans to reach other places in the country as well, by the end of this year.

While e-scooters are loved by their riders, they are hated by pretty much everyone else for creating chaos in traffic. Aware of the issue, Spin promises to be responsible and make public safety a top priority. The company plans to work with the city’s municipality to organize a series of public education events for the residents of Matosinhos, teaching people how to ride safely.

Spin’s e-scooters will hit the streets of Matosinhos this week and they will cost 1€ ($1.1) to unlock and 0.19€ ($0.23) per minute to ride.

In addition to Portugal, Spin also operates in Spain, Germany, the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Spin is a micromobility subsidiary of Ford Motor Company and is headquartered in San Francisco. It was founded in 2016.

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