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Ford Releases Free Ringtone With The 2018 Mustang GT's "Voice"

Ford has announced it offers a free ringtone that portrays the sound of the 2018 Mustang GT. The recording was done with the Blue Oval’s new active valve performance exhaust, which is available on the 2018 Mustang.
2018 Ford Mustang GT V* 1 photo
You and everyone around can enjoy the music of the V8’s larger and re-tuned resonators that recorded while the car was in its track mode. Evidently, it was accelerating at the time, while it was on the track and driving at speeds of up to 155 mph (250 km/h).

The result was turned into a ringtone, which available for download on Soundcloud. It can be used free of charge by both Android and iPhone users.

We did not search for instructions for other mobile operating systems, but we can assume that it works for other types of phones as long as they support .mp3 files as ringtones and can be synchronized with a computer.

We included Ford’s instructions on how to implement the tone to your smartphone below, in the Editor’s Note section.

The representatives of the brand have already explained that the Mustang V8 fires up with the active valve of the performance exhaust on “Normal” mode on default operation, but clients can then select for three other exhaust modes.

Customers can choose a tone that enables a quiet start, or a more powerful rumble, depending on their needs and desires. The function proves handy if you leave a parking lot in a quiet area.

Otherwise, people might hate you for disturbing the peace with your exhaust. While all of these modes are legal on a road-going car, using the track mode in a residential area might be disturbing to those who live there.

Changing the exhaust modes is done with the move of the driver’s thumb, as the steering wheel of the ‘Stang with the 12-inch speaker system has a dedicated button for that setting. The regular version of the pony car from Ford requires entering the settings menu, also done from the steering controls, and selecting a different mode from the list.

Editor's note: Directions on how to add the ringtone to your smartphone below:

Android Devices

Download the ringtone from Soundcloud (button is in the "More" menu).
From your home screen, open up the options window where all of your apps are located and scroll to the cog icon to enter Settings.
Click on “My Device”
Click “Sound”
Click “Ringtones”
Click “Add” at bottom of the page
Click “Sound Picker” to find the mp3 file you downloaded previously.
In Songs select “XXX-nameoffile.mp3”
Click the green circle next to filename.
Click “Done” in top right of screen.
Your ringtone should now be set to the Mustang Engine.

Apple iPhone

Download the ringtone from Soundcloud on your computer (button is in the "More" menu).
· Open iTunes on your desktop/laptop computer.
· Drag the .mp3 file directly into iTunes.
· Save the file to your desktop. Next, drag it directly into iTunes. (Make sure you have the “Tones” folder checked in your iTunes preferences before dragging the file.
· The file will become visible in your “Tones” subfolder. Play the file to test.
· Sync the ringtone to your iPhone by plugging your iPhone into your desktop/laptop computer and then select/sync the ringtone to your iPhone.
· Once the file is visible in your “tones” folder in your iPhone menu (in iTunes), you can disconnect your iPhone from your desktop/laptop.
· On your iPhone, select the “XXX-nameoffile.mp3” ringtone and enable it for a new or existing contact.

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