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Ford Ranger Becomes Outdoor Gym, Are Adventure Workouts the Next Big Thing?

A major sales success around the world, Ford’s Ranger midsize pickup truck platform has proven its versatile nature time and again. After all, people appreciate its rugged looks, the cargo/payload/towing capabilities, and the fact it can do lots of things irrespective of the drive surface. Now, according to Ford of Taiwan, there’s an interesting new reason to love it.
Ford Ranger outdoor gym in Taiwan 9 photos
Ford Ranger outdoor gym in TaiwanFord Ranger outdoor gym in TaiwanFord Ranger outdoor gym in TaiwanFord Ranger outdoor gym in TaiwanFord Ranger outdoor gym in TaiwanFord Ranger outdoor gym in TaiwanFord Ranger outdoor gym in TaiwanFord Ranger outdoor gym in Taiwan
The numerous lockdowns and the current health state of the world have brought a lot of pressure on everyone, but that’s never a reason to give up on your favorite activities. For example, if anyone faces restricted access to their favorite health club, they can always take their Ford Ranger for an outdoor adventure/workout because it turns out the midsize pickup truck can also double as a mobile gym.

Ford of Taiwan revealed the novel idea in relation to the Lunar New Year celebrations (which debuted on Friday, February 12th), when friends and relatives had the opportunity to finally get together. Entering the New Year atmosphere is also usually cause for a little exaggeration in terms of food consumption, so after the festivities are done, it’s time for one of the “most permanent New Year goals for many people,” returning to peak physical condition.

The local Blue Oval subsidiary decided to come to the rescue with its newly minted “Ford Ranger Going Outdoors and Maintaining Body Plan,” which has been prepared by the company together with professional fitness coaches. Better yet, they’re also hinting at an authentic “American pickup gymexperience being possible with the Ford Ranger... which is something we didn’t even know existed (until now, of course).

Many of the points included with this Ranger fitness plan will sound very familiar, as they include specific goals (meals, going out, enjoying the outdoors some more, etc.). But the novelty comes from the fact that anyone can use the pickup truck as an alternative for the classic indoor gym equipment.

Ropes, mats, and other aids can be used inside, while the truck itself can be used for various fitness applications – from the legendary pushups to alternative exercises such as the well-known “Bulgarian Split Squats.”

Editor's note: Press release was Google-translated from traditional Chinese.

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