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Ford Performance Power Pack for EcoBoost Mustang Settles the Score with Focus RS

When the 2016 Ford Focus RS official output numbers were released, we couldn't help but think that some of the EcoBoost Mustang owners felt left behind. Well, Ford Performance is now stepping in to make things even by releasing a power kit for the turbo-four pony.
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Sure, there will still be differences between the 2.3-liter versions animating the hot hatch and the EcoBoost 'Stang and that's because the said Power Kit brings different mods compared to the ones the Focus received when borrowing the Mustang's engine.

The EcoBoost Power Kit is a pretty simple job (especially when compared to the host of upgrades on the spicy hatchback), involving a cold air intake and an ECU remap. The upgrade brings an output premium of 25 hp and 70 lb-ft and is 50-state legal, which means your warranty won't be affected.

So while the RS produces 350 hp and just as many lb-ft of twist, the Power Kit-fitted EcoBoost Mustang delivers 330 hp and 390 lb-ft of torque in a cannibalization-preventing move.

And this upgrade ism't just about the maximum output gains. For instance, the Blue Oval explains that, past the 5,500 rpm peak muscle jumps by an average value of 75 hp and 64 lb-ft, with the gain being maintained up to the 6,600 rpm redline.

Yes, it's one thing to play with an all-wheel-drive hot hatchback and another thing to enjoy life from inside the small-engined Mustang, but bragging rights will always be bragging rights.

Then there's the Camaro comparison, which sees the Power Pack EcoBoost Mustang tieing the 335 hp Camaro V6 - the Chevy's turbo four only delivers 275 hp, so we won't includ it in this comparison.

The best part about the EcoBoost Performance Pack? This gym visit only costs $699.

P.S.: If you happen to own a Mustang GT, we'll remind you Ford Performance released a three-stage Power Pack for your five-oh back in July.


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