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Ford Mustang Wants to Live the Brash Life, Gets Massive Wheels, Pink Looks

To the untrained eye, this previous-generation Ford Mustang is just different. Those who think they know stuff about cars might confuse it with donks, though that term only applies to the 1971-1976 Chevrolet Caprice and Impala, subjected to similar modifications.
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Ford MustangFord MustangFord MustangFord MustangFord MustangFord Mustang
True petrolheads, on the other hand, will instantly tell you that it is nothing more than an absurd build that screams ‘look at me’ through every pore. And that’s not all, as it probably has a laughable turning radius, and very stiff ride, as it is common with such projects.

As for the highlights, we might as well start with the massive wheels, which are probably around 30 inches or so in diameter. They sport a two-tone finish, combining pink and light blue, and they were wrapped in very thin rubber. The entire body has a pink shade, and contributes to the kitschy design.

You might be wondering about where and when it was spotted, and we don’t know the answer to these questions. What we can tell you instead is that we found it on Reddit, in their infamous ‘bad’ car mods thread, breathing the same virtual air as other ridiculous cars on oversized alloys, with flashy finishes. To its defense, we’ve got to admit that everything lines up quite nicely, and the muscle car appears to be in good shape overall.

On a different note, Ford is putting the final touches on the next-generation Mustang. The model is due this fall, with CEO Jim Farley confirming that it will premiere on September 14, at the Detroit Auto Show. It will still get a V8, as well as a manual transmission, and this will be the first-ever Mustang to feature some sort of electrification, with the greener variant said to be capable of delivering performance on par with the V8.


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