Ford Mustang Rocket Speedster Built by GAS and Henrik Fisker Makes Pebble Beach Video Debut

The Ford Mustang is not the sort of car that belongs at Pebble Beach, next to the classic Bentleys and Aston Martins. However, this model is special, built by Galpin Auto Sports in collaboration with the legendary and somewhat controversioal designer Henrik Fisker.
Ford Mustang Rocket Speedster Built by GAS and Henrik Fisker Makes Pebble Beach Video Debut 1 photo
You'd expect a former Aston Martin man to turn the Ford pony car into a Vanquish lookalike. However, the Mustang Rocket Speedster resembles some older Spyker models. Its most prominent feature is the hexagonal grille with chromed mesh.

We don't want to call it ugly, but it kind of is in a way, especially compared to a standard Mustang. The vented hood isn't bad, but the flared wheel arches don't belong on a Ford. We are, however, big fans of the speedster design. It might not be as practical as a conventional soft-top, but the resign hints at a few Jaguar or Porsche models.

Most of the bodywork is bespoke and fabricated by hand from carbon fiber. The car was constructed by GFMI Metalcrafters while the wheels are from ADV.1 and the Cat-Black exhaust system with quad tips comes from Bassani Xhaust.

The 2-seat interior is also a thing to be admired, clad in plush red leather and chromed trim pieces. It's almost like a Pagani Huayra in there.

The bonnet is inspired by the design of pony cars from the 1960s and early 1970s. Underneath it resides a revised 5-liter V8 that has been supercharged to the tune of 725 horsepower, enough to play in the same league as the Challenger Hellcat.

The good news is that while SRT can't give you a Challenger Hellcat Convertible, Galpin's creation will be available for order. The price hasn't been released yet, but we expect it to sit somewhere in the region of $130,000.

Clearly, this bold and expensive Mustang conversion isn't for everybody. But if you have that kind of money and don't want to go for the predictable Porsche 911, the Rocket Speedster may be for you.

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