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Ford Mustang/Ram Pickup Mashup Is the Stuff of Dreams. Really, Really Bad Dreams

So you've glanced at the picture for a second or less and instantly thought to yourself: sheik. Well, my friend, your sixth sense dedicated entirely to detecting whenever the supremely bad taste of a sheik was the cause for the automotive mutilation you are witnessing is absolutely right.
Mustang/Ram mashup 7 photos
Mustang/Ram mashupMustang/Ram mashupMustang/Ram mashupMustang/Ram mashupMustang/Ram mashupMustang/Ram mashup
Before you judge, you should ask yourself this question: "would I have had any more sense if I were born with more money I could ever spend in a part of the world that, even though rich in artistic tradition, was never renowned for its subtlety?" No, the answer is no. So let's focus more on the vehicle, and less on the man who commissioned it.

Yes, but you see, that is impossible. Not talking about Sheik Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan - also known as the Rainbow Sheik - is simply unthinkable, and that's because the man has the most out of this world car collection IN this world. He has a scaled Dodge truck that is eight times larger. It comes with a bedroom. I'll rest my case.

So, how about that Ford Mustang? Well, it's safe to say that, unless he made it so that four families could live inside, it kind of pales by comparison. Nevertheless, there's plenty to talk about on this mashup as well.

The donor for the chassis was a Ram 4x4 pickup truck which was stripped down to the bare minimum to make room for the Mustang body on top. The man entrusted with the job is called Hussain Albagali, and he has a more old-school approach than what you might have become accustomed to lately.

You won't see any computer-assisted 3D modeling here - it's just the good-old methods of foam sculpting and eye-measuring, before using the shapes to form the fiberglass molds that would eventually cover them. But, as Hussain explains in the video, the modeling phase only starts after all the metal work had been completed.

The whole process looks like something that slots between Leepu and a modern western car customization company, but slightly closer to the former. However, that doesn't take anything away from the skill of the people who worked on the project - on the contrary, they must be excellent craftsmen.

In the end, the sheik was probably very happy with his freak-mobile, and that's all that matters because it's what keeps the money flowing. And it looks like the beneficiary of this custom vehicle also has a soft spot for the '30s era cars, because the Mustang received a pair of side-mounted spares, wire wheels, and white wall tires which fit perfectly with the rest of the design. No, really, they do. They're a complete mess, just like everything else.




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