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Ford Mustang Pickup Truck Rendered as Modern-Day Mustang Mustero

A melange involving a Ford Mustang and a bed might sound appealing to some, which is why we've brought along the rendering above.
Ford Mustang Pickup Truck Render 1 photo
The pixel play we have here gives us a sporty take on the Mustang pickup truck idea. Given this form of the machine, which involves the big picture (check out the profile of the thing and you'll understand) and the details, such as the exhaust tips, we could be looking at a member of Australia's UTE culture here.

From the front splitter to the ride height and the spoiler at the end of the bed, there are plenty of performance-focused elements here. Oh, and let's not forget the wheels, which are shod in Pirelli P Zero super-sticky rubber.

In fact, Rain Prisk, the digital art label behind these 1s and 0s, has even dropped the three-letter label we mentioned above.

As for a potential real-world incarnation of such a pony, history has demonstrated that a blue collar Mustang doesn't work very well.

We're referring to the Mustang Mustero, which came to the world back in 1960 when the Mustang was born. Following a partnership with Beverly Hills Ford, the Blue Oval saw a small number of pickup truck vehicles being built on the platform of 1965 and 1966 Mustangs.

Despite the rear seats being removed to make room for the bed, the latter's limited capacity still remained one of the weak points of the car. And the fiberglass construction of the bed didn't help with the hauling, either.

The resulting machine also came with a hefty price, with its $6,500 financial burden being ridiculously close to the $7,000 price tag of a Shelby Cobra, for instance.

Unofficial sources talk about a production run of around 50 Musteros. It seems that about 35 of those cars were sent across the border, landing Down Under or in Europe, where their exotic nature allowed their owners to enjoy a head-turning effect.


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