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Ford Mustang Pickup Is Like a Modern-ish Ranchero, Apart From Visually

Utter confusion; these are the first words that come to mind when seeing this Ford Mustang, which, by the way, is as real as it gets.
Ford Mustang pickup 6 photos
Ford Mustang pickupFord Mustang pickupFord Mustang pickupFord Mustang pickupFord Mustang pickup
We know that some of you have gotten used to seeing all sorts of renderings, depicting various vehicles in different configurations and body styles, but as we already mentioned, this wild Ford Mustang does not come from the digital realm.

No, sir, it apparently lives somewhere in the United States, and we found it on Reddit, in their infamous ‘ugly’ car mods thread, where it has been rechristened a number of times. One user went as far as mentioning the Mach-e, because if Ford can make a Mustang high-rider (well, it’s not really a Mustang now, is it?), then why not a pickup?

It’s hard to argue with that logic, unless you factor in the money part, as it would probably not be a cash cow for the Dearborn marque. On a related note, they do have the perfect moniker for a low-riding pickup, namely the Ford Ranchero, which hasn’t been used since 1979, when the last one left the assembly line.

Now, it may be a Ranchero at heart, but this fifth-generation Mustang has more things in common with the Nissan Frontier, because the bed appears to have come from this model. It required a lot of chopping behind the front seats in order to make it work, and, hopefully, additional reinforcing. However, we wouldn’t bet on the latter, because it does seem sloppy, as the whole back end looks like it could separate from the Mustang chassis upon curbing a wheel.

Hopefully, it is nothing more than a work in progress, and we reckon that with a decent dose of elbow grease, and more Benjamins, the owner could make it work, because buying a used pickup does not seem to be an option here.


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