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Ford Mustang "Nissan Pathfinder" Face Swap Looks Fitting

If you're trying to approach the rendering sitting before us from a rational angle, bear in mind that such face swaps don't just exist, they are now a trend. And it all has to do with how our facial muscles move when gazing at such images, which, for many gearheads, implies smiling. And there's another aspect to this Ford Mustang plus Nissan Pathfinder pixel portrait.
Fox Body Mustang "Nissan Pathfinder" Face Swap rendering 11 photos
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We're looking at a Fox Body 'Stang that has been digitally gifted with the front end of a second-generation Nissan Pathfinder. And we can thank social media label Car Front Swaps for this adventure.

Now, these two didn't exactly share an era, since the said generation of the pony was retired in 1993, while the second iteration of the SUV landed two years later. Oh well, at least we're talking about unibody designs here, not that such tech details would matter when the marriage between the two designs appears to be stable enough for the purpose mentioned in the intro.

As for the more profound side mentioned above, this has to do with the Ford, rather than the Nissan - the Fox Body Mustang seems to be more popular than ever these days.

So while the drag racing realm had been aware of this platform's value for quite a while, the past few years have seen its popularity rising inside other comunities.

The most recent example of the sort, which makes for an uber-solid one, came earlier this year. That's when Ken Block introduced his next slip angle instrument.

The Hoonifox nickname of the beast is pretty much self-explanatory, but zooming in on its details takes things to a whole new level.

And if we factor in that the future build was rendered by Ash Thorp, the digital artist who penned the next Batmobile, things get even spicier.

Interestingly, the said way in which the Hoonifox was brought to life has already inspired other artists to come up with digital proposals for the kind of contraption KB could slide all day long.


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