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Ford Mustang “Marlboro 5.0” Looks Smoking Cool With Custom Wrap

There’s no mistaking Marlboro is one of the most distinguishable brands of cigarettes. This recognition can be attributed to the Marlboro Man advertising campaigns that ran from 1954 to 1999, a rugged and cool man who was conceived by advertising company Leo Burnett.
Ford Mustang “Marlboro 5.0” 13 photos
Ford Mustang “Marlboro 5.0”Ford Mustang “Marlboro 5.0”Ford Mustang “Marlboro 5.0”Ford Mustang “Marlboro 5.0”Ford Mustang “Marlboro 5.0”Ford Mustang “Marlboro 5.0”Ford Mustang “Marlboro 5.0”Ford Mustang “Marlboro 5.0”Ford Mustang “Marlboro 5.0”Ford Mustang “Marlboro 5.0”Ford Mustang “Marlboro 5.0”Ford Mustang “Marlboro 5.0”
However, Marlboro also happens to feature one of the most recognizable designs of any cigarette brands out there thanks to the red-and-white pattern that was created by Frank Gianninoto. Last, but certainly not least, Philip Morris has sponsored motorized sports since 1972. Even though it’s illegal to do so these days, Marlboro-liveried racing cars continue to be featured in video games such as the ever-popular Gran Turismo.

This gets us to the Mustang in the photo gallery, which is a real car instead of a conglomerate of pixels on a TV screen. Currently roaming through the streets of Switzerland to the tune of 5.0 liters and eight cylinders, the previous-gen model was treated to a custom wrap that serves as a throwback to Marlboro’s successful motorsport sponsorships.

The pony was originally blue, and the owner also lists Variant Wheels, KW Suspension, and Toyo Tires in his Instagram bio. The 2014 model year Mustang GT doesn’t appear to feature any modifications to the engine whatsoever, meaning that we’re dealing with 420 horsepower and 390 pound-feet of torque from the Coyote that’s still with us today.

A company called R-Design is responsible for the wrap’s design and application, located in Switzerland just like the car and its owner. Of coruse, vinyl wrapping has more than simply an aesthetic purpose. Like protection film, the paintwork is further protected from the elements and scratches.

"For an average size car," the price for the simplest of wraps costs "around 3,200 CHF" according to R-Design. That’s $3,300 at current exchange rates, and given the custom design of the Marlboro 5.0, we’re likely looking at a final cost $5k or thereabouts.

2014 was the final year of the S197 Mustang, and the Coyote V8 entered the scene in late 2010 for the 2011 model year as a response to the LS3 engine of the Chevy Camaro Gen 5.


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