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Ford Mustang Long Nose Looks Like a V12 Vessel, Has Lots Of Carbon

Every few years or so, the Internet is hit in the face of the reality that portrays a Ford Mustang V12 swap. However, these toys usually keep their powerplans well hidden, but the machine we have here does quite the opposite.
Ford Mustang Long Nose rendering 1 photo
Heck, this 'Stang may have not even strayed from its V8 ways, but it certainly looks like it could do that with ease. And that's because the Blue Oval toy has received a long nose conversion. Of course, this image is a rendering, but we'll get into the implications of this later on.

The elongated engine compartment might be the dominant feature of this contraption, but there's more to the pixel work than that.

For instance, the widebody of the car, which is defined by the sculpted arches, gives it a Coca Cola bottle shape. No, really, that diffuser at the back is so massive that the Mustang could probably be placed on it (vertically) and wait for its owner this way just like the secret recipe drink does in your fridge right now.

Carbon? Of course, you can't go without it these days, so there's plenty of the wonder material around here. And while we're at it, let's mention the wheels, with the front axle enjoying the presence of Turbofans.

Yasid Oozeeaar, the digital artist behind the virtual build, has also mentioned his inspiration source. We're talking about British aftermarket developer's Afzal Kahn's Flying Huntsman Land Rover Defenders, which have been around for quite a while.

The pony even comes with the kind of vanity plate that remind us of the two-character jewel which is in possession of Afzal Kahn. I'm refering to the "F1" plate, which was listed for sale last fall at a whopping $20 million - as it happens, I got to check out the plate in person back in 2012 when visiting the developer's facility in Bradford, UK.

Now, I've already mentioned that we're looking at pixel play here, but, given social media's thirst for eccentric builds, it wouldn't surprise me to see these shapes being put into metal by an eccentric vlogger out there.


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