Ford Mustang Is Instagram's Most Mentioned Classic Car, Won't Get Most Likes

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Americans love classic cars, and the most popular models are what most would describe as “muscle cars.”
However, there are a few American classics out there that are not defined by their quarter-mile times back in the day. A study that examined 198,000 Instagram posts has found the most mentioned brands, along with the most liked cars on the social network focused on pictures and short videos.

Apparently, the Ford Mustang is the most named model on Instagram when the #classicar hashtag is used. It is followed by the Corvette, Camaro, and GTO.

However, if you want to post a picture of a classic American car on Instagram with the same hashtag, and you want the most likes, you must photograph something else.

The makers of the study did note that they did not count the posts with Mustang that did not write “Ford Mustang.” This could mean that the results could be for the Blue Oval’s pony car, but all of the models on the list followed the same rule: their names had to be specified along with the make.

According to AutoNation, who made a study on the matter, the Pontiac Grand Prix is the most liked #classiccar on Instagram. It is followed by the Dodge Charger and the Chevrolet Camaro. Ford’s Mustang only comes in sixth place, after the Chevy Chevelle and Plymouth Road Runner.

A quick look through the list reveals that General Motors products are more attractive than their competitors from the Big Three. However, a GM brand present on this list with three models, Pontiac, has been discontinued. The same can be said about Chrysler’s Plymouth.

Fortunately for GM, it still sells the Camaro and Corvette, which are two nameplates with a long history behind them, and with a broad fan base, as you can observe.

If the most popular brands and models were to be divided by decades, GM wins again, because the Impala is the most liked of the 1950s, and the Chevelle leads the 1970s.

Dodge’s Charger leads the 1960s, which is understandable is you consider the popularity of the first and second generation models, both launched in that decade.

If we were to look at the popularity of the #classiccar and #carshow hashtags, it looks like Nevada is the winner, followed by California and Florida. All three have a warm climate, which helps ensure that these cars do not rust into oblivion because of road salt and freezing winter temperatures.
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