Ford Mustang GTe Rendering Shows the Electric Mustang You Actually Wanted

Ford Mustang GTe HOT rendering 9 photos
Photo: Tadas Gedvilas via Instagram
Ford Mustang GTe HOT renderingFord Mustang GTe HOT renderingFord Mustang GTe HOT renderingFord Mustang GTe HOT renderingFord Mustang GTe HOT renderingFord Mustang GTe HOT renderingFord Mustang GTe HOT renderingFord Mustang GTe HOT rendering
Ford appears to have taken a successful gamble with the launch of its first-ever built from the ground up EV when it decided to lend it the legendary Mustang name, which is undoubtedly the brand's most powerful moniker.
The weight of this name was probably the main reason behind this decision, with the people in charge deciding it was strong enough to take what they must have known from the start would be a blow. That's because the Mustang Mach-E isn't just a battery-powered car but a battery-powered crossover. A double whammy for those who held this model in the highest regard.

Mind you, the Ford Motor Company wasn't born yesterday; while the Mustang Mach-E was busy featuring in every Tesla Model Y comparison video on the internet, the carmaker also released the brilliant Mustang Shelby GT500, a 750-hp beastly snake featuring a 5.2-liter V8 engine and a big supercharger. No matter how upset the Mach-E made you, how could you not forgive Ford after something like that?

Well, here's how the Detroit-based manufacturer could have avoided all controversy in the first place: make the electric Mustang an actual Mustang. None of that crossover nonsense, just a pure sporty coupe that just happened to have an all-electric propulsion system instead of the good-old V8 engine. Considering Ford could make a pretty good and engaging electric crossover, there's no reason to suspect it couldn't have pulled it off.

Tadas Gedvilas, a digital artist from Lithuania, has the exterior design covered. His project is called "Mustang GTe HOT," and, as the name suggests, it's nothing but a sporty-looking Mustang with an EV theme. Sure, a few of the details are a little too Cyberpunkish for Ford ever to consider (we're looking at the orange front wheels, for example), but the rest of it, why not?

The open grille, as well as the vents in the hood, don't make much sense for an EV, but we'll admit they look cool. An older see-through image provided by Tadas suggests the GTe has a rear-wheel-drive architecture (nothing wrong with that) as well as batteries stacked under the hood. They're potentially there to keep the driving position and the overall height of the car as low as possible.

The flipside of that would be a bit of weight-balance headaches, but Tadas placed some cells at the back too (as well as in the "transmission tunnel"), presumably to even things out. He also managing to keep all the heavy components between the two axles, ensuring neutral handling characteristics. Of course, it's easy to do all that with a digital model, but it's nice to dream, isn't it?

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