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Ford Mustang Goes From Curb Bender to WTH Were They Thinking With One Ridiculous Tune

What is your favorite tune for the Ford Mustang? Does it include turning an old timer into an Eleanor wannabe, giving either generation a massive power boost, or keeping it simple and enjoying life? Whatever you’re thinking of, we know at least one person who would agree to disagree.
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Ford MustangFord MustangFord MustangFord MustangFord Mustang
Yep, it is the owner of the pictured example, for which no puddle is too deep, and self-esteem too low. Shared in Reddit’s infamous ‘bad’ car mods thread, this muscle car turned monster car deserves some slow clapping. It’s so ridiculous that it should not exist, but unfortunately, it does.

Ready to delve into the ‘subtleties’ that make it stand out like a sore thumb? Regardless of your answer, we will anyway, starting with the most obvious of them all. You know what that is, don’t you? Of course you do, what kind of question is that, as one does not encounter a monster truck-ish muscle car on a daily basis.

It has a huge amount of ground clearance, and chunky rubber wrapped around the wheels that sport some lime green accents, reminiscent of the paint finish (unless that one’s a wrap). There is a light bar mounted in the middle of the bumper, flanked by the fog lamps, because it may need additional lighting should it venture off the lit path, and a way-too-big wing attached to the trunk lid that does absolutely nothing.

Getting in and out of this Mustang is probably a full body workout, as we don’t see any side steps. On a more positive note, however, at least the ride shouldn’t be that bad compared to those vehicles fitted with oversized wheels that have often required some chopping in order to fit under the arches, though the turning radius is probably absurd. Here’s to never seeing such a monstrosity again.


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