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Ford Mustang Gets Modern Widebody for Badass Muscle Look in Sleek Rendering

Even after decades of modding enthusiasts having their way with the original Ford Mustang, a custom example such as the one portrayed in this rendering will still split opinions. So, let's zoom in on the digitally remastered pony, which is worthy of our undivided attention.
Classic Ford Mustang with modern widebody (rendering) 4 photos
Classic Ford Mustang with modern widebody (rendering)Classic Ford Mustang with modern widebody (rendering)Classic Ford Mustang with modern widebody (rendering)
For starters, we'll remind you that the Blue Oval revised the first-generation Mustang not once or twice but three times during its 9-year reign. And each of these major overhauls, which came for 1967, 1969 and 1971, saw the machine casting a larger shadow, with the need to accommodate bigger, meaner engines being cited as the main reason for this.

Then again, for the increasing number of gearheads who embrace the widebody way of life, this classic 'Stang hardtop doesn't need an excuse for its standout overfenders.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the transformation we have here comes from the fact that the retro lines of the original body meet the modern styling cues of the said widebody approach in spectacular fashion. Of course, the fact that the added bits follow the vehicle's profile obviously helps, with the area just behind the doors being an example as good as any.

Digital artist Emmanuel Brito (a.k.a. personalizatuauto), decided to dress the pony in a deep shade of blue, which is an attention magnet in itself. And the treatment is rather comprehensive, even including the front and rear bumpers, which are still in place.

Nevertheless, if we look under the front unit, we'll notice a discreet splitter that once again aims to build a bridge between vehicle design eras. At the back, the quadruple exhaust, with its central position, certainly makes for an unconventional muscle car approach.

Black has been cast in the role of a contrast color, with the best display of this coming from the custom shoes of the machine, which Victory Custom Wheels supplied. In yet another modern take, the rolling goodies mix a five-double-spoke design with generous lips.

And while the wheels don't exactly do a very good job at concealing the brake upgrade of the Ford Mustang, you won't see us complaining.


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