Ford Mustang Filmed Doing Mustang-y Stuff, Brutally Hits the Curb, Crowd Goes Wild

After so many crashes involving the Ford Mustang that could have easily been avoided, you know, if their drivers had used more common sense, you’d be tempted to think that their owners would go easy on the throttle and forget about showing off.
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Ford MustangFord MustangFord MustangFord MustangFord MustangFord MustangFord MustangFord Mustang
But you’d be wrong, because Ford Mustangs, regardless of when they were made, keep getting crashed on a constant basis. One of the latest recorded incidents involved a previous-generation example, going sideways in what appears to be an empty intersection, presumably somewhere in Los Angeles.

What happens next is obvious, as the driver pushes the right pedal a bit too much, and loses the back end completely, which then brutally hits the curb, narrowly avoiding bystanders. The impact was so violent that the back end of the car left the ground for a brief moment. Needless to say that the unscathed crowd went wild, laughing all the way to the wreckage.

Upon approaching the beat-up ‘Stang, the person filming shows the destroyed right rear wheel, and what seems to be a badly damaged rear axle too. Thus, the car is going to need a lot of work in order to return to its original shine, and definitely a less enthusiastic driver at the helm. Still, we reckon that the person whose name is written on the dotted line will go easier on the fun pedal next time, considering that their ego took a massive blow.

The short video embedded at the bottom of the page ends with a few good Samaritans pushing away the bruised Mustang, which no longer had a right rear wheel at this point, hence the sparks. But hey, all’s well that ends well, right? After all, nobody got injured as a result of the reckless driving, save for the owner’s confidence in their drifting skills.


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