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Ford Mustang Drifts Around Cop Car Until the Unimaginable Happens

Ford Mustangs are prone to crashing upon abusing the right pedal, hence the numerous videos of the Blue Oval’s muscle car being involved in all sorts of ridiculous situations. So, what do you think happened to this one whose owner decided it would be a good idea to drift around a police cruiser?
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You’d probably be tempted to say that it crashed into it, or that at least it hit another vehicle, or perhaps it took a bite out of the curb. However, you’d be wrong to think that, because this was one of those rare occasions where the Ford Mustang managed to drive away unscathed.

That’s right, not only it did not hit any solid objects, but it actually managed to disappear into the sunset subsequent to pulling the idiotic stunt, encouraged by a few bystanders who were jumping around, and filming. Just as the police officer exited the vehicle, the driver of the pony car drove off in a haze of tire smoke.

Want to know about the whens, hows, and wheres? Well, so do we, but unfortunately, the Instagram account responsible for sharing the short video, which is embedded at the bottom of this story, didn’t have anything to say about it. Thus, we don’t know when and where it happened, and if the reckless driver holding the wheel of the said Mustang was caught by the long arm of the law.

Nonetheless, we reckon that they have already suffered the consequences of their action, and if not, they probably will in the near future. Mind you, before wrapping it up and calling it a story, we have to remind you that we do not condone such behavior, which should be limited to racetracks, or at least empty parking lots, as everything can turn into a nightmare in a blink of an eye.


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