Ford Model T Gets Slammed in Crazy Rendering. No Respect for the Elders

Modded Ford Model T rendering 1 photo
Photo: Evosion Design via Instagram
Don't feel bad about clicking on something as ridiculous (OK, maybe even stupid) as this - it's the weekend, so you're allowed to have a little mindless fun. Just like the person who created this did as they were doing it.
With all these cars around it - from your Fiat Multiplas to your Toyota Priuses and your [insert name of a supercar]s - getting the digital makeover treatment, the Ford Model T must have felt pretty safe sitting there in its grave, all but forgotten.

But how could the world ever forget the vehicle that essentially made car ownership accessible to the many in a time when you either had to have a bursting wallet or royal blood (or both) to afford a motorized form of transportation? Forgotten it may not be, but the Model T is usually brought up in talks about how the automotive industry started, particularly in North America, not when tuning and customization are concerned.

Even the author of this transformation - an Instagram account called Evosion Design - admits they have no idea what got into them to come up with this conversion. But something did, so now we're looking at a Ford Model T with a slammed suspension, very prominent thick side exhausts, a fabric foldable roof (that one isn't so original), and a set of wheels that seems taken off either an Ariel Atom or a Caterham Seven.

We all know what Henry Ford used to say about the color of cars, which means murdering out a Ford T is one of the most pointless actions anyone can take because they got that straight out of the factory. This one, however, has an orange pinstripe going around the entire car right underneath the perfectly flat window line, but instead of breaking the sea of black around it, it somehow only seems to make it stand out even more.

Look, the only reason we might be smiling at this modified Model T is that it's not real. Had somebody gone and actually turn the classic Ford model into such an abomination, we would probably be up in arms. As an exercise in futility, though, just to bring us something different to gaze at, the author gets full marks. Now, let's see the same thing done to the Benz Patent-Motorwagen.

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