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Ford GT40 "Offroad Bully" Keeps a Spare Wheel in Its Frunk

These days, many aficionados keep their minds busy by fantasizing about the perfect post-apocalyptic contraption. So here we are, talking about a rendering portraying a machine that might just fit the bill, with this revolving around the Ford GT40.
Ford GT40 "Terrain Tamer" rendering 4 photos
Ford GT40 "Terrain Tamer" renderingFord GT40 "Terrain Tamer" renderingFord GT40 "Terrain Tamer" rendering
Those of you who follow our Speed Shot tales might be experiencing déjà vu right now and that's because this is a revisited piece of work - digital artist Yasid Oozeear initially came up with a remastered GT40 last month and has now decided to prepare the vehicle for rugged terrain.

Nevertheless, you'll also find the previous iteration of the Ford in the image gallery above, so you can easily keep track of the fresh additions.

The vehicle has come a long way from its original form, which saw the Blue Oval destroying Ferrari's Le Mans dominance starting with the 1966 season (if you haven't already done so, please devote your attention to the Ford v Ferrari motion picture, albeit while keeping in mind that it brings a Hollywood-augmented version of the motorsport story). Then again, such a thorough transformation defines the now-trending renderings of the sort.

As usual with the said pixel master's work, the level of attention to detail is impressive (here's an example of what this artist can do when playing with the aftermatket sensation that is the 2020 Toyota Supra), which is why you should zoom in on the little bits in the social media post below. Oh, and make sure to use the swipe feature, so you can enjoy multiple angles of the terrain tamer.

At least from where I'm standing, the quirkiest feature of this Ford GT40 has to be the spare wheel that now occupies the front compartment of the vehicle. Then again, you might have a thing for other offroading equipment that has been installed on this toy.


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