Ford GT Getrag 7DCL750 Transmission Costs Up To $32,324 To Replace

The six-speed manual in the Alfa Romeo Giulia? That transmission comes from Getrag. The PowerShift six-speed DCT that has a tendency to fail once in a blue moon? Getrag makes that one too. Even more surprising is the 7DCL750, a seven-speed dual-clutch transaxle that Mercedes-AMG and Ford use in the GT and… well, the GT.
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But wait, there’s more! According to Road & Track, the transmission costs $14,940 to replace in the case of the German sports car. Ford customers will have to pony up $27,624 if they agree to turn in the original transmission, and if not, then you’re looking at $32,324. Insane greenback for a gearbox, but then again, the GT produced by Multimatic in Canada is on a different level from the GT that originates from Sindelfingen.

“All applications of this transmission have a similar housing and the parts inside are often shared” according to Road & Track. Take Ferrari as a prime example, with the 458 and California using different ratios (3.08 and 3.40) for the first gear despite sharing the F136 engine. Of course, don’t forget there’s also a difference in displacement and layout.

Now here’s what makes this story even more curious considering the pricing of the 7DCL750 depending on application. “The gear ratios are just different enough that most of the transmissions aren't interchangeable, but the gearboxes in the Ford GT and AMG GT share every single ratio, including the final drive.” In other words, the gearing is shared between the two despite the fact the transmission in the Ford is twice as expensive.

Going even deeper down the rabbit hole, does it come as a surprise the GTs start from $112,400 and $450,000, respectively? If he were alive, Henry Ford would be scratching his head in wonderment, trying to understand why the volume-oriented automaker has a more expensive car than the performance-oriented brand from Affalterbach.

In related news, Ford is working around the clock to bring the 2020 Bronco to market. The mid-size SUV with the body-on-frame chassis from the Ranger pickup truck is understood to feature a seven-speed manual transmission option, coming courtesy of Getrag.
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