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Ford Fusion Hybrid Scores Impressive Quality Record in the U.S.

Ford managed to hit the Jackpot with its Ford Fusion Hybrid as it is one of America’s most fuel-efficient sedan, and what better place to prove that it lives up to its reputation than on a taxi fleet. Ford’s hybrid taxi fleet has gathered morethan 80 million miles in California during the paste decade, bypassing this way the records logged by Toyota Prius. Also, taxi operators were surprised, as they were expecting more issues from the Ford Fusion Hybrid.

The model scored high among consumers, proved by the fact that it was rated America’s most reliable sedan of any hybrid or conventional model. We’d also mention consumers gave it a 91 percent “overall vehicle quality” score compared to 80 and 71 percent achieved by the Toyota Camry and Nissan Altima hybrids,respectively. The Global Quality Research System(GQRS) also reported that Ford Fusion Hybrid was a success in 2010.

“Ford’s battery technology is so strong, the odds of experiencing an issue with one of our hybrid battery cells is around 8.5 million to 1 – about the same odds as a person being struck by lightning twice. Ford understands that for new technology, reliability can be a concern for customers, so we work extra hard to deliver a trouble-free product.” Chuck Gray, Chief Engineer, Global Core Engineering, Hybrid and Electric.

Ford has been developing and testing batteries since the 1980s, thus gaining and notable advance on the competition, and at the same time getting a proper know-how in hybrid technology.


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