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Ford Focus Becomes World’s Best Selling Car

Ford today announced its Focus models are now the most popular cars in the world, after the outperformed rivals like the Toyota Corolla. With over 500,000 units sold in seven months, the automaker is on its way to topping last year’s 860,000 models sold.
Ford's 350 millionth car 1 photo
Getting a bit more specific with the numbers, we’ll tell you that 522,821 Focus models were sold in the seven months from January to July. Of those, 153,400 were sold in Europe.

The Focus also plays the key role in another Ford milestone achieved today - their factory in Thailand has just produced car number 350 million in the company’s history.

“Consider, for a moment, the enormity of 350 million vehicles,” said John Fleming, Ford executive vice president of Global Manufacturing. “It’s equivalent to producing one vehicle every 10 seconds for 109 years; and, if placed end to end, would stretch to the moon and back – twice.”


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