Ford Fiesta ST200 Review Says It's too Expensive Compared to Regular ST

Ford Fiesta ST200 Review Says It's too Expensive compared to Regular ST 1 photo
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It's one thing to read a boring press release about a fast Ford and be convinced that it's the best thing since mustard. So what's the Fiesta ST200 like in the real world and is it worth all that money?
We bring you sad news; it seems Ford has followed Honda and now thinks that by infinitely playing with an old car it can make it worth a lot more. You see, not only is the Fiesta ST good enough, but it's also the cheapest car in its class. By making it nearly 23,000 pounds, you kind of spoil the bang/buck ratio. In that way, it's like the NSX Type R or the S2000 Ultimate Edition.

We've been watching Carfection ever since they used to be called XCAR, far longer, in fact. These guys love to paint a pretty picture, and if they have nice things to say about a Skoda Octavia vRS, flaws in the Fiesta ST need to be taken seriously.

So, let's address the price issue seriously. With nearly 23k in your pocket, you could save just a little bit extra and get the Focus ST or buy a used Subaru STI and tune it. And what's wrong with enjoying the basic Fiesta ST?

The features being introduced with the ST200 are cool, but some of them are also part of the regular ST's arsenal. Sure, it's got a bit of extra power and sportier exhaust, but there's something deeply satisfying about getting all those yourself instead of having them installed from the factory.

But I know that there are die-hard ST fans out there for whom only the best will do. And the ST200 is a limited edition car, also making it a great investment. The similarly conceived Clio 182 Trophy held its value for nearly a decade, which is likely to happen here as well.

When you put it like that, the ST200 is one of the few cars in the world that deserve to be sugar-coated. Without it, people will stop going crazy over Fiestas and the world of hot hatchbacks would be a little bit dull.

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