Ford F-150 Lightning Owner's Sibling Turns Vintage Gas Pump Into Charging Station

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Photo: Reddit User "DogeIsMySpiritWow"
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The Reddit user that posted the makeshift gas pump charging station for their brother's F-150 Lightning might have started a future trend, if not an entire business. Other people from the comments are even asking about prices.
In the picturesque setting with the two-door garage, CAT compact dozer, and what looks like a 4-wheel, 2-seat Can-Am Defender, one very creative person decided to be original when it came to charging an F-150 pickup truck.

They did not specify the exact package of the pickup, but upon closer inspection, it looks like the Lariat version, in an Agate Black Metallic color. The 20" Alloy Dark Carbonized Gray Wheels are also recognizable. Whether it has the standard or extended battery, sadly, I can’t tell through the actual bodywork. Also, when I asked the owner's sibling, they didn't know either.

If it’s the standard range, it can produce 452 horsepower, while the extended range goes up to 580 hp. The torque remains the same in both versions, at 775 lb-ft.

However, what I can see, is the $500 optional Ford Mobile Power Cord coming out of the house and docking in the Super Unleaded Mobil gas pump, which is funny for more than a couple of reasons.

That was the first version of the “Vintage Charging Station,” let’s call it. In other links the Reddit user shared in the comment section, there’s the upgraded version, where the cable sticks out directly from the pump itself.

Even the lights turn on, and ironically intended or not, they’re green. Which could be a reference to going green. Or maybe that was just the original color of the lightbulbs inside.

That’s only the first model. In other pictures, the creator has one with a Boron gasoline sticker from the ‘70s. The Boron brand got changed in 1991 to BP, in case you were wondering why you never heard of it.

The inventor was so creative that even the old pricing and volume dials turn when it’s “pumping gas.” Another user from the comment section asked if the numbers represent the electricity consumed. The reply was simply, “work in progress.

For all intents and purposes, it is a fully functioning prototype, and seeing how people love all things retro, why not see a future where charging stations are fully customizable from the manufacturer’s website or aftermarket ones? Maybe it's the next billion-dollar idea.
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