Ford F-150 Gets 1970s Digital Makeover, Looks Decent

Ford F-150 Gets 1970s Digital Makeover, Looks Decent 4 photos
Photo: wb.artist20/Instagram
Ford F-150 Gets 1970s Digital Makeover, Looks DecentFord F-150 Gets 1970s Digital Makeover, Looks DecentFord F-150 Gets 1970s Digital Makeover, Looks Decent
We wanna take you back to a time when cars and trucks were simple. More specifically, this cool rendering tries to take the modern-day Ford F-150 into the 1970s.
Your daddy didn't need an auto emergency braking feature when he added that extension to the farm. And blind-spot monitoring is useless when you know how to check your mirrors. Of course, they might have come in handy when he ran over the family cat and the mailbox that one night.

But I digress. Everybody knows that the F-150 is America's favorite form of vehicular transportation.

There's a version for everybody, and it comes with all the thingamajigs and doohickies. Ford likes to keep things nice and modern on principle, but with the Bronco, there are signs of change showing.

If there's ever a need for a retro truck, we want it to look just like this thing, which is a nifty little rendering from wb.artist20. It brings back the style of the 1970s with a large infusion of chrome trim. Some of that stuff is just going to come off when you wash the truck, but we like to call that "normal wear".

The makeover also brings a nice change at the front, installing a large chromed bumper for you to hit stuff with. Automakers try too hard to make parking sensors a thing. Americans don't like anything that's too reliant on precision, or have you not seen a parking lot lately? If you hear a dinging sound, that means you've gone as far as you can go. Simple, right?

Round headlights are also a nice addition. Sure, LEDs last a long time and they're really bright, but nothing beats getting up every weekend to go change the light bulbs and check the oil. Wouldn't want to give the wife any excuse to talk about girl stuff like mortgages and your kids failing in school.
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