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Ford F-150, Focus, and C-Max Recalled

Another week, another recall coming to you courtesy of the Ford Motor Company. This time around, the Focus and C-Max are in the hot seat, as is the current model year of the F-150 pickup.
Ford F-150 6 photos
Let’s start with America’s best-selling vehicle. As per Ford, certain examples of the 2017 model year Ford F-150 need to have their instrument cluster display reprogrammed. The affected units number 7,947 vehicles, which were made in Dearborn and Kansas City from October 4 to November 23, 2016.

In the safety recall report addressed to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Ford explains what’s what as follows: “the transmission shift position indicator located in the instrument panel cluster may not illuminate and display the selected transmission gear position.” It’s no biggie, which is why this operation is classified as a compliance recall, not a safety recall.

On the other hand, a defective instrument panel still counts as a defect, which is why Ford took upon itself to address this little issue. The fix is simple: reprogram the instrument cluster display at no cost to the consumer.

The second and final recall Ford announced today is about certain 2016 Focus and 2017 C-Max vehicles. More specifically, 18 units of which one is located in Canada. Their problem, apparently, lies with the left-hand body apron joints located on the floor pan. And yes, it sounds bad because it is a bad condition.

The automaker explains that “improper left-hand body apron joints may have reduced front-end structural integrity, potentially increasing the risk of injury in a frontal crash.” Thankfully, though, Ford isn't aware of any injuries or deaths associated with this condition. Affected Focus and C-Max vehicles were made in Michigan from October 26 to October 27, 2016. Authorized Ford dealers are instructed to inspect the joints and repair them accordingly.

In related news, the F-150 will soon break on through to the 2018 model year, adding a 3.0-liter turbo diesel V6 engine for good measure. The uninspiring C-Max and Focus, meanwhile, are the same old cars as ever.


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