Ford Enlists Five Startups in New Mobility Studio, to Research New EV Tech and Solutions

Even the most fervent detractors of electric mobility must have realized by now it’s too late to turn back from the path carmakers and other interested parties put the world on. Not only are electric vehicles getting more attention, but there's a good chance that, during our lifetime, they’ll probably become the sole allowed means of transportation, at least in parts of the world.
Ford sets up new EV solutions think tank 6 photos
Ford sets up new EV solutions think tankFord sets up new EV solutions think tankFord sets up new EV solutions think tankFord sets up new EV solutions think tankFord sets up new EV solutions think tank
Knowing this, car companies keep looking to the future, trying to find the best technologies to advance their goals and the best means to convince people to adopt EVs faster. And there are few as active in this respect as Ford.

After announcing huge investments in electric mobility and battery development earlier this year, the Blue Oval made public the initial details of a new think tank that will be tasked with piloting “the development of a range of transformative services and technologies to spur more widespread commercial adoption of electric vehicles.”

Called Mobility Studio, the entity was put together with the help of a group of experts that like to call themselves Newlab. It comprises, at least for now, five different startups: vehicle-as-a-service company Autofleet, and EV charging solutions companies EVPassport, Fermata Energy, Rhombus Energy Solutions, and SparkCharge.

There are no exact details on what the group will be focusing on, but their vague goal is to come up with ideas meant to tackle “major challenges faced by fleets as they consider transitioning to electric vehicles, such as connected fleet management, supporting drivers at home, multiuse charging hubs and vehicle-to-everything applications.”

Ford says these five companies are just the initial batch, and leaves room for more to be brought on board as research moves forward, and even urges others to get involved. At the time of writing, there is no timetable for when a new mobility solution is to be presented.

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