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Ford Bronco Gets Two New Chinese Tributes: One from Chery and One from Great Wall

Chery and Great Wall are significant players in the Chinese market that are currently trying their luck elsewhere. Two products show that they are just not going for an original approach toward that. Just check the Jetour T-X (from Chery) and the Haval Cool Dog (from Great Wall) and tell us you do not get Ford Bronco feelings from both.
Haval Cool Dog and Jetour T-X 11 photos
Jetour T-XJetour T-XJetour T-XJetour T-XHaval Cool Dog and Jetour T-XJetour T-XHaval Cool DogHaval Cool DogHaval Cool DogHaval Cool Dog
The Jetour T-X is the one that does not seem even a bit worried about the resemblances. According to Chery, Jetour is the union of two Chinese words, Jie and Tu. The company’s page in English states that it stands for “convenient travel.”

Although the car may only reveal all its technical specifications at the Beijing Motor Show in April, Chery has officially presented it at an event on January 10. There’s a short clip of the presentation embedded below, but it does not contain any information regarding what Jetour T-X will offer to its customers.

We have way more information about the Haval Cool Dog. Starting with the brand, both Ora and Haval belong to Great Wall. Ironically, they seem to follow the same naming strategy for their cars, which is weird given that their unique names have the purpose of setting them aside from each other. The Haval Cool Dog reminds us instantly of the Ora Good Cat, although they are different animals.

Its first public presentation should also happen at the Beijing Motor Show, with sales following a little later. The off-roader is 4.52 meters (178 inches) long, 1.88 m (74 in) wide, 1.75 m (68.9 in) tall, and has a 2.71 m (106.7 in) wheelbase, with 1,710 kilograms (3,767 pounds) of curb weight.

Being that heavy, you’d expect it to have a massive engine or that it had some sort of electrification, but that is not the case. Powered by a turbocharged 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine that delivers 181 hp (135 kW), the Cool Dog is a front-wheel-drive vehicle. Sadly for it, such a name will not prevent it from the accusation of being a Bronco copycat. The same applies to the Jetour T-X.

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