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Ford Bronco Desert Runner Production Off-Roader Takes Aim at Jeep and Chevrolet

It's been a weird year at SEMA, and technically it just started. Manufacturers from around the globe are clamoring for attention with crazy concepts, but Ford might have just upstaged them all with the Bronco DR.
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Ford Bronco DRFord Bronco DRFord Bronco DRFord Bronco DRFord Bronco DR
Imagine being Stellantis... who just brought seven of the coolest concepts we've ever seen from Jeep, RAM, and even Dodge to SEMA. Or Chevrolet, who just unleashed the literal Beast with 650 horsepower.

Think of all the attention those vehicles were getting despite the fact that none of them were factory-backed production vehicles. Now, Ford, who brought at least forty vehicles to SEMA, has announced the Bronco DR.

Unlike the Chevy Beast, the Jeep M725, or the RAM TRX RexRunner, the Bronco DR IS a production vehicle. And it's designed to go as far off-road as a vehicle can go. Oh, and it should do that pretty quickly too.

Under the hood of the new Bronco DR or "Desert Runner," you'll find a 5.0-liter Coyote V8 with more than 400 horsepower. It sends that power to all four 37-inch tires.

Yes, the Bronco DR is built to be taken to Baja as soon as it's delivered to the customer. In fact, it's the most expensive Bronco that one can buy at a staggering $200,000+. Oh, did we mention that it doesn't have doors? It doesn't have doors, or a windshield, or air conditioning.

Of course, if you're buying the Bronco DR, you're probably not super worried about those omissions. You might care a lot more that it weighs in at 6,500 pounds (2,948 kg) and carries up to 65 gallons (245 liters) of fuel.

Ford says they're building 50 units to gauge customer demand before continuing production. According to Ford, if you're into the Bronco DR, you'll be able to pick it up as soon as late 2022. Just remember... this thing is meant for off-road and only off-road. It's 100% illegal on public roads.

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