Elegantly Rugged European Motorhome Uses a Ford As the Base for Its Lifestyle Miracles

Sure, Europe is already flooded with its own vehicle manufacturers, but here comes Ford, providing the base vehicle for what could be considered one of the most beautifully executed Class C motorhomes I've run across.
Ford Adventure Edition 12 photos
Photo: Sunlight GmbH / Edited by autoevolution
Ford Adventure EditionFord Adventure EditionFord Adventure EditionFord Adventure EditionFord Adventure EditionFord Adventure EditionFord Adventure EditionFord Adventure EditionFord Adventure EditionFord Adventure EditionFord Adventure Edition
Believe it or not, the machine we'll explore today is part of the Sunlight brand of RVs and motorhomes. That said, Sunlight is part of the Erwin Hymer Group, a crew with over 50 years of know-how and presence in Europe and England. Still, Ford somehow managed to push aside crews like Peugeot, Fiat, and even Mercedes-Benz to claim a place on the European motorhome podium. Grab your loved ones, buckle up, and let's hit the road.

Now, suppose you're not up to date with the sort of machines to come out from under the Hymer umbrella. In that case, the Ford Adventure Edition is sure to give you a clear idea of what folks are up against. As a base, a 3,500 kg (7,716 lbs) Ford Transit with 2.0 l TDCi crunching out 96 kW (129 HP) of power is all you get. Optional, you can opt for more ponies. A manual 6-speed gearbox is in place as standard, so you better learn how to drive a stick. Then again, just throw money at the problem and hope Sunlight has an automatic setup in place; they do.

From here, I could bore you with all the details of how this group builds their habitats, but then again, there are 50 years of knowledge backing each and every unit. Instead, I want you to imagine that you own the machine you see in the image gallery. Why? That way, you can get a solid feel just for what's in store here and why you might find yourself combing local dealerships for this beauty. Packed up and ready to go? Sure, you are, but pick one of the three available floorplans first.

Ford Adventure Edition
Photo: Sunlight GmbH
Let's skip over all the roads you can encounter because this puppy is built for good old tarmac, maybe a light gravel or hardened dirt road. You might be able to cut across some grassy fields; just be sure the local terrain is fit for something like this. Choose your tires in line with vehicle limits and the sort of terrain you plan on encountering. Finally, you find yourself standing on the X on your map, at which point it's time to get comfortable.

I say 'get comfortable' because that's precisely one of the main focuses of Sunlight for this model. No matter your floorplan, up to four berths are available to take care of weary bones at night. But, two of the three available units include twin bedding, one of which is modular, and the third a large double bed, all of which are found in the bedroom. Another sleeping space is found above the cab and dinette, and while it may sound like the shorter of two sticks, the latter bedding arrangement also has a moonroof overhead.

Everything else you could have wished for in a motorhome is found between those two beds and within arm's reach. At the front, the dinette I mentioned sits in wait for hungry bellies, illuminated by a beautiful use of LED lights integrated into the backrest. The playful and ingenious use of LEDs extends throughout each unit. Overhead storage bays are also brought to life with lights.

From here, let me point out spaces like the galley, where a two-burner top, prep space, and sink with running water are all at your fingertips, ready to help you whip up three-course meals. Don't forget the fridge, found vis-a-vis. Your spices and utensils have a home in the cupboards and little nooks and crannies, which are found all around the galley area.

Ford Adventure Edition
Photo: Sunlight GmbH
Now, if we address the issue of bathrooms, things get interesting. Depending on your chosen model, you'll either have a wet bath combo for maximizing space or split facilities, with the toilet and sink to one side and the shower to the other. I recommend the split bathroom anytime. It helps a lot when you're traveling with larger parties.

And no, the fun doesn't stop there. One aspect of the Ford Adventure Edition that I fell in love with is the presence of a garage. That's right; each unit has a garage space integrated into the shell and tucked away underneath the bedroom. Why is this such a big deal? Aside from being the space where you can tuck away most of your gear, it's also the same place where you can store your e-bikes. There are even power plugs so you can recharge drained batteries while driving around. Speaking of power, the only thing you need to add to your unit is a set of solar panels, or you can bring along a set of portable ones. There's plenty of space in that garage.

As for the question on everyone's mind: how much will this thing run you? Well, considering these buggers are sold in the UK, the cheapest available floorplan is starting at a tad under £70,000. That's around $86,500 (at current exchange rates), but you can see darn well what's in store. Way to go, Ford; sticking your fingers in the motorhome pie.
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Editor's note: Images in the gallery showcase an array of Ford Adventure Edition floorplans and interiors.

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