Ford Accused of Patent Infringement on F-150 Fuel-Injection System

A lawsuit has been filed against the Ford Motor. Co., accusing the American giant of infringing on a 2008 patent regarding the fuel-injection system fitted to the F-150 truck. Apparently, they started selling vehicles which incorporated the system, despite telling the system’s inventor that they had no interest in it.
Ford F-150 1 photo
Photo: Ford
The complaint was filed by a Wayne, Philadelphia company, called TMC Fuel Injection System LLC - they said that they have been “irreparably harmed” by Ford’s “willful and deliberate” actions. The technology in question addressed performance and fuel waste issues by increasing the dynamic range of the entire injection system, offering fuel efficiency improvements by as much as 35%.

Now, considering the fact that the F-Series pick-ups are easily the best-selling vehicles in the US - the F-Series is an institution and no puny lawsuit can threaten it. They will undoubtedly offer the accusing company a settlement deal and this will all be forgotten soon and without making a fuss.

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