For Sale: One of Only Two RHD Alpina B12 Coupe Models with a Manual Gearbox

Little did BMW know what they were about to start back in 1989, when they launched the 8 Series. That car received a more welcome than any other model of its time and was kept in production for a record run of a decade.
Alpina B12 5.7 Coupe 7 photos
Alpina B12 5.7 CoupeAlpina B12 5.7 CoupeAlpina B12 5.7 CoupeAlpina B12 5.7 CoupeAlpina B12 5.7 CoupeAlpina B12 5.7 Coupe
Today, every BMW aficionado out there simply drools every time one of these rolls by and we fully understand why. That coupe body without a B pillar, frameless door and muscular shape is instantly recognizable and more than desirable.

Get into the technical bits and find out about those marvelous V8 engines and you’ll be sold for ever. Alpina was also involved in this car’s history and their version was absolutely stunning.

While on other models, their sober and classy kit might not make the biggest difference, on this one it fits like a glove. However, extremely few such models were ever built.

If you lived in the UK and wanted right-hand drive you were even worse off as only seven such cars were ever made. Called Alpina B12 5.7 Coupe, these beauties were based on the BMW 850CSi that was created with the help of the Motorsport division.

Its engine’s displacement was upgraded to 5.7-liters and the power went up accordingly to 416 BHP and 420 lb-ft (569 Nm) of torque. With such numbers, the top speed reached above 180 mph (290 km/h) which was immense for 1993. 100 km/h (62 mph) was achieved in under 5 seconds from a standstill.

This particular car, that’s currently on sale on, is one of only two models fitted with the manual 6-speed gearbox and right-hand-drive in the world. It used to belong to the Sultan of Brunei, one that is known around the world for his collection of cars.

It was hardly ever driven, gathering only 6,500 miles on the odometer and it was bought by the UK Alpina dealer Sythers of Nottingham in 2001. Now you can own it, if you can afford it, that is... The asking price is GBP80,000 or (€100,600 or $136,900 at today’s rates) but considering that V8 was hardly ever run and its history and exclusivity, it’s cheaper than we expected.
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