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For Over $193 Million, Benetti's IJE Will Grant You Access to a Royalty-Infused Lifestyle
One of the world’s leading yacht brokerage firms, Burgess Yachts, has recently listed a megayacht dubbed IJE. With a price tag set at a little over 193 million USD, you may question why you should ever buy it, but let’s take a closer look; it may just be worth every penny.

For Over $193 Million, Benetti's IJE Will Grant You Access to a Royalty-Infused Lifestyle

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Folks, 193,261,250 USD, or 175 million EUR, is the price a future owner will have to pay to own IJE, a superyacht that is currently the largest to ever come out of Italy’s Benetti Yachts. Benetti is the same one that has been building yachts, sloops, and other seafaring vessels since 1873. With this much experience, it’s no wonder they can build ships like IJE, which come in with a length of 108 m (354 ft). Yes, as large as a football field, including end zones.

Now that you know a bit about the able minds and hands that put this ship together, it’s time to look at what else makes IJE what it is. Two teams were involved in this ship’s creation. You already know of Benetti, and they’re also responsible for the interior design you see in the gallery, but the exterior is completed by U.K.’s RWD Yachts. 

Overall, six decks are accessible and include activities and styling that will help you understand precisely why such an asking price. I’m not saying that no one is making any profit in this transaction, but the lifestyle owners will be privy to is downright royal. From jacuzzies to pools, entertainment lounges, nightclubs, gyms, and even a hospital, these are the sort of on-demand luxuries available to the filthy rich.

For furnishings and interior spaces, materials like leathers, high-quality wood, marble, porcelain, and glass, are used to create areas that are inviting, warm, and at the peak of design. Not only is the use of artificial lighting used to expose the warmth of the ship, but natural light does the same, for lack of a better word, balanced.

Exterior spaces aren’t too shabby either. I mean, how often will you find alfresco dining fit for all 22 guests onboard? Oh, there’s also a crew of thirty members to be pampering your every need and want. Some areas also include modular use and can be cleared out to expose dance floors. Oh, you’re going to be joining the party via a helicopter? Not a problem; there’s room for that.

Speaking of room, IJE is also filled with an extensive array of toys and tenders. From jet skis to sea bobs, wakeboards, electric surfboards, and possibly even a submarine. There’s no mention that a submarine comes with a purchase of IJE, but there most certainly is room for one.

Like most other sea monsters, IJE is also completed using a steel hull with an aluminum superstructure, and as big as it may be, it can still hit a top speed of 20 knots (23 mph); thanks to two MTU engines with 3,191 HP each. It can also achieve a range of 6,500 nautical miles (7,480 miles).

As for who currently owns IJE, it’s Australian billionaire James Packer. If you’ve never heard of this gentleman, he’s made a fortune investing and holding shares of several worldwide companies. Later on, he gravitated toward the tourism and gaming industries, and has a net worth value of around 3.9 billion USD.

If there’s one thing I've learned in the time I've been writing about superyachts: when something this special comes along, it may not be very long before it’s swept up by another human soul seeking to live like royalty. Heck, maybe you’ll see IJE being put up for charter. Why not? Ships like these and the lifestyles they offer often end up at the center of business models.

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