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For Around $1,200, You Can Grab the Acid MTB and Master Trips Down Any Adventurous Trails
I'm a sucker for hardtail MTBs, but I still haven't figured out why and I've even talked to my psychologist about it. I feel it has something to do with their ability to be that sort of go-to machine for any of your adventures.

For Around $1,200, You Can Grab the Acid MTB and Master Trips Down Any Adventurous Trails

Acid MTB FrameAcid MTB FrameAcid MTB DrivetrainAcid MTBAcid MTBAcid MTB Brakes and DropoutsAcid MTB FrameAcid MTB Brakes and DropoutsAcid MTB Frame
Let me start this next journey by saying that a bicycle is created for a particular type of riding. It's why you don't see anyone rocking a beach cruiser during downhill events and why we typically don't see amazing full-suspension machines on every street corner; there's a time and place for all things.

However, the one bicycle style we often see on a trail, on the street, and/or in a local park is the hardtail MTB; they're so versatile. With the right equipment, it can take you to work, aid in grocery shopping, and come the weekend, take it out for a spin through mud, dirt, stone, and grime.

This time around, we'll be exploring a machine that, wait for it, costs around $1,200 (€1,140 at current exchange rates), depending on who your middleman may be. Even though the Acid is priced this low, it still boasts abilities that should be just right for someone looking to buy an MTB just to destroy it as they have fun.

Now, the crew behind the marvel is Cube. While they're known for their ability to offer the common folk amazing machines, they also have a hefty professional cycling background and can be seen riding alongside industry giants like Trek, Bianchi, and Specialized. Hinting at the quality of their bikes is the fact that this team is German, and you know how they feel about quality.

Overall, the Acid is built around a double-butted aluminum frame that includes internal cable routing. Since hardtails often have a suspension fork to reduce shocks as you ride the unbeaten path, you'll find a RockShox Judy Silver fork with 100 mm (3.9 in) of travel. It may not be the best fork or the most travel possible, but it'll do just fine for basic riding.

As I dove further into the Acid, it quickly became apparent why Cube remains a brand to consider for your next bicycle purchase. The drivetrain on this sucker is a Sram Eagle setup with NX shifters and derailleur and a PG-1210 cassette with 11-50T. That's the sort of gear I've seen dropped on bikes with bikes four times the price of this one. Funny enough, Shimano is also spotted on this bike and is supplying the hubs and brakes.

So, what does all that amount to? Let's find out. As you mount the Acid, the slanted top tube offers the necessary clearance to avoid getting mixed up in the frame but is also crucial as you ride off-road; it provides clearance on drops. The drivetrain can handle all the ups and downs your journey may throw at you, and the Judy fork will be working its magic the whole time, reducing the shocks you feel from rocks, roots, and the occasional curb.

If you feel like taking this bike to the next level and turning it into a bikepacking monster, it may be difficult. Why? Simple because of the lack of mounts. However, plenty of aftermarket manufacturers produce cargo gear for bikes with no mounts whatsoever, even for suspension forks.

Ultimately, what you do with the Acid hardtail and how you transform it into your budget-friendly dream is up to you and your bank account. Nonetheless, bikes like the Acid show off why Cube has become a world-renowned name. What are you riding this summer?

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Images in the gallery showcase numerous paint styles for the Acid MTB.


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