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Focus Bike Light Is as Powerful as Your Car's Headlights, Can Put Out 5,000 Lumens

Small, lightweight, and with no shortage of lumens, BYB Tech’s Focus bicycle light was designed to make you be seen on the road just as if you were a car.
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BYB Tech Focus Bike LightBYB Tech Focus Bike LightBYB Tech Focus Bike LightBYB Tech Focus Bike LightBYB Tech Focus Bike LightBYB Tech Focus Bike LightBYB Tech Focus Bike LightBYB Tech Focus Bike Light
The more lumens your light can put out, the more noticeable you’ll become on the road, which can prove to be lifesaving in many cases. It is why Italian startup BYB Tech developed the Focus, touting it as the world’s smallest 5,000 lumens bike light. Moreover, the manufacturer goes so far as to also call its product the most powerful high-beam bicycle light ever made, just as bright as your car’s headlights.

That’s right, this small device was designed to make sure it grabs everyone’s attention, being able to trigger its bright, 5,000-lumen flash at a simple push of a button. You can either turn it on using the light’s button or you can trigger it via a remote that can be hidden on the handlebar and can work wired or wirelessly.

As bright as Focus is, it is also small and lightweight, tipping the scales at just 1.7 oz (49 grams). As for its size, it measures 66 x 41 x 16 mm (2.6 x 1.6 x 0.6”). The light can be mounted on any type of bike, including e-bikes, and you can connect it to its electrical system and have it on all the time so that you don’t have to recharge it. But if you do recharge it, it only takes you 15 minutes to get it to full percentage and the battery will have enough juice for up to 500 high-beam flashes at maximum power or 20 hours of use in beacon mode.

This little guy is also quite smart, packing a dual-core processor with wireless connectivity so that you can use it with your smartphone via the available app. The app works with both iOS and Android and lets you access features such as its flashing modes, patterns, and more.

And while we’re on the subject of operation modes, the Focus offers four of them. The high-beam mode is used for manually triggering flashes at maximum power (5,000 lumens), which can be seen from a distance of 1,25 miles (2 km). The front beacon mode makes the Focus blink continuously in various patterns, also at 5,000 lumens. Then there’s the low beam mode, which delivers 800 lumens of continuous light, and the fourth one is the rear red mode. This last one allows you to use the device as a taillight, both in a blinking mode or as a steady light, at 300 lumens. All the modes except for the low beam one are suitable for both day and night use.

If you’re interested in the Focus, you can find it on Kickstarter where you can get it for a pledge of approximately $140 (€125). Deliveries are estimated to start this October.

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