Flying iPad Gets Stuck in a Woman's Bumper

We think you'll agree with us that in the tablet world, there's Apple, and then there's everybody else. We're not here to talk about benchmark tests or how good it is for playing Angry Birds. We're talking about the resilience of one particular iPad that survived a high-speed impact with the front bumper of a Nissan.
iPad stuck in car's bumper 6 photos
But how did a very expensive tablet end up on the highway? The owner placed it on the roof of his car and forgot it there. Alexa Crisa was driving down the road. She saw saw something come at her, hit the brakes and didn't feel any impact. So she ignored the incident and went about her day, even parking her car outside her house without realizing there was a tablet stuck in it.

Miraculously, it still worked and flashed the owner's name and telephone number, so she and her father wet able to return it.

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