Flying Chevy Chevelle SS Has a “Wheelie Pump”

When your drag car lifts its nose each time you launch off the line and stays that way while the rear scrapes the asphalt sending sparks everywhere it’s time to mount a wheelie bar. Unless you got a “wheelie pump” which could take you even higher at some point.
wheelie pump Chevelle 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from Youtube
1320video recently met Kevin Price at the MO Fbody/Mustang Meet Race, who happens to drive the coolest Chevrolet Chevelle SS around there because it does exactly what’s mentioned above - stand on its bumper when the gas is on the floor while sparks are coming from underneath it.

What’s the thing scraping underneath there? Well, its the fuel filters according to Kevin, which are mounted right near the gas tank and the fuel pumps. The thing gets even funnier when the camera man calls it "the wheelie pump". Wonder how much bashing can it take before puncturing and eventually setting fire to the whole damn thing.

Contrary to your beliefs, the Chevelle here isn’t pushing thousands of nitrous-generated ponies. The long hood shields a 555 cui (an Edelbrock probably) tuned to crank around 800 hp and over 737 lb-ft (1,000 Nm) of torque. The whole thing to pop up them wheelies is to have big fat rear tires that can grip real well. Shifting the weight towards the rear also helps.

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