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Flyer's L885 Is Not Your Grandfather's Red Wagon but Can Help With Your Home Renovations
Most of us remember the name Radio Flyer as we grew up. Guess what!? This crew is still very much alive and even competing in the current e-bike race. However, Flyer decided to take a different approach toward e-biking, and that's what we'll explore today.

Flyer's L885 Is Not Your Grandfather's Red Wagon but Can Help With Your Home Renovations

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Yes, the company that builds the iconic red wagons of our childhood is also in the e-bike business. However, their approach to this hot industry isn't like most others on the market. Where other manufacturers are building bikes for cruising or simply getting from point A to point B, Flyer's take on this EV style and includes cargo carrying capacities to rival very few machines currently on the market. I think Tern comes closest.

Since I already covered the Flyer M880, a city cruiser with some capable specs, this time around, we'll be exploring the L885, yet another cargo-carrying EV that can literally replace your car for some of your daily activities.

For example, let's say you have two children. If that's the case and they attend school, then leave your car in the driveway and take them for a ride on the back of this e-bike. If you look closely at the rear of the L885, you'll notice a long seat and footboards. While it's recommended that you use a child seat back here, there is still room for two mini humans.

And no, children aren't the only cargo you can add to the rear of this bike. Because Flyer offers an array of additional cargo carrier options and trinkets, you can transform your L885 into the ultimate task-ready EV. You can carry groceries and packages picked up from the store and/or post office, and if you're handy with some tie-downs, you'll be able to go to a hardware store for some building materials. All that's possible by the way Flyer designed that rear setup. Doubting it can take the hardware utilities? Don't; 150 pounds (68 kilograms) can be set onto this rear.

To carry all 400 pounds (181 kilograms) of the bike, rider, and cargo, the L885 must be equipped with one heck of a battery and motor to safely and efficiently swoop in and replace your car. Standard, the L885 is sold with a 687 Wh battery. Coupled with a 500 W rear hub motor, Flyer says you can reach a range of slightly over 50 miles (80 kilometers).

Sure, this is in optimum conditions and probably missing the 150 pounds of cargo from the rear. Still, if I can get 30 miles out of this while loaded to the brim with two-by-fours, groceries, and even a child hidden underneath all that, I'd be happy. If you want more range, another battery can be mounted onto the frame behind the seat post, which yields another 50 miles of range.

Since e-bikes are typically limited to local laws and regulations, Flyer chose to set this vehicle's top speed at no more than 15 mph (24 kph). But I think you can find a way to fiddle around with that number. However, I don't think you should, as a fully loaded bike may be unsafe at higher speeds for 180-millimeter (7.1-inch) brake rotors. With all the goodies you see in the gallery, the L885 weighs 73 pounds (33 kilograms).

So, how much are you being asked to pay for an e-bike that can give your car a break? Believe it or not, Flyer is asking us to dish out no more than $2,000 (€1,960 at current exchange rates) on this capable and burly EV. Is it worth it? One way to find out is to compare what I've just described with other e-bikes in the cargo class, or just find one and take it out for a spin. If your salesman weighs up to 150 lbs, take him or her for a spin and see if your plans for home renovations can be carried out with the L885. How are you filling your summer?

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