Flyboard Air the Mystery Flying Machine, Real or Hoax?

Flyboard Air 10 photos
Photo: YouTube capture
Flyboard AirFlyboard AirFlyboard AirFlyboard AirFlyboard AirFlyboard AirFlyboard AirFlyboard AirFlyboard Air
Zapata Racing, the name used by the crazy and amazing fellows that created the incredible Hoverboard water fun thingie, reveals a new contraption that seems to be a game-changer. Flyboard Air, in case this is not a hoax, is THE ultimate personal mobility gadget, albeit you won't exactly be able to ride it in the metro.
Flyboard Air is still veiled in mystery, as the information about it is scarce, at best. There is nothing we could find out about this gadget, and the video is not too helpful either. The one scene that could have shed some light on this, the landing moment, was graciously blurred, so there's almost nothing we can tell you about this flying thingie.

Reduced to speculations, we'd say that the Flyboard Air is powered by a gas turbine. At least, this is what its sound makes us think of. In a way, its tonal characteristic is not unlike that of a helicopter's engine.

Also, in case the video Zapata racing released is real, we can guess that the Flyboard Air comes with as much as four thrusters. The entire device is too small to generate such a thick jet as pictured in one of the screenshots after the jump. However, if four (or more) are employed, this becomes entirely possible.

Now, the Flyboard Air is, indeed, a plausible idea. People have been experimenting with such vehicles for decades, albeit making a rather insignificant progress. That is, nowhere near enough to kick these vehicles into mass production and wide-scale usability.

If this is a hoax, then whoever produced the video should get more seriously in the movie industry. Still, we (not so) secretly hope this entire Flyboard Air thing is for real. Not the vehicle of choice for the urban clutter, but definitely a whole new universe for fun and extreme sports.

As for the 90+ mph (145 km/h) top speed and 10,000 ft (3,050 m) max altitude, we're clearly not buying this one, at least not until we find out if the Flyboard Air is real or not. Have your say, s'il vous plait!

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