Floyd Mayweather’s Dealership Owner Explains How they Sold 100 Luxury Cars to Him

If you haven’t heard of the Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao match, then you have to be one of those people that prefer being carried than walking yourself (it’s a joke, relax). Even if you’re not into sports, we’re certain you’ve heard a thing or two about the five-division boxer’s outrageous car collection. Well, it turns out this fleet is not only out-of-this-world expensive, but also numerous.
Floyd Mayweather is obsessed by his cars 1 photo
We have been reporting about Mayweather’s cars for as long as we know. It’s not because we like boxing that much, and we’re also not that of a big fan of the Floyd himself. We are, however, car people. When it comes to hundreds of ponies under one single hood combined with great performance and high-end amenities all in one vehicle; that is when you get our attention.

And Floyd wants everybody to know he only drives the best there is on the market. Not one, but three Bugatti Veyrons are part of that collection; a Ferrari Enzo and several Rolls-Royces also belong to him. He sometimes goes car shopping in the middle of the night, always pays cash and rarely gets to drive them. But have you ever wondered who is the one providing these services for the champ?

USA Today did, and it turns out the 38-year-old fighter has bought 100 cars from the same auto dealership for several years. Towbin Motorcars in Las Vegas is the shop that takes care of the champ’s auto desires, and they probably established some sort of a record over the years.

We are always trying to think of new cars we could surprise him with,” Jesika Towbin-Mansour explains. Apparently, they even had to buy a new cash counter that could deal the amount of bills Mayweather would pay the car with to face the champ’s special requirements.


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