Floyd Mayweather’s 14-Year-Old Daughter Owns Two Mercedes-Benz Cars

14-year-old Iyanna Mayweather is probably owning better cars most of us ever will. Just to go along with her S550, daddy recently bought her an all-new Mercedes-Benz G550 as a birthday gift. Now that is probably a strange present a teen could get, considering at least two years will pass until she actually gets to drive them.
Iyanna Mayweather's cars 1 photo
When your name is Floyd Mayweather and you are a five-division world champion, it’s only normal that you’ll buy a brand spanking new Mercedes G550 worth $110,695 (EUR 82,200) for your daughter’s birthday. Or not...

We are talking about a rocket-quick 382 hp 5.5-liter V8 monster that has just a scandalous gas mileage, to begin with. Naturally, most 14-year-old kids are supposed to concentrate on the “teen” dimension of this age and leave the "Kardashian-level visibility" out of the picture. Sure, tehy could play with scale car models, although you’d say young girls should still like playing with dolls.

Or maybe Floyd thought an interior full of high-tech gadgetry and a seven-speed automatic AMG-branded machine would be the perfect replacement for those pair of roller skates most normal people buy for their daughter.

Anyway, considering Floyd had recently got his third $3 million (EUR2 million) worth Bugatti Veyron, we tend to think it’s more a gift he rather bought to himself than for his 14-year-old Iyanna, that could only use the luxury car as her personal playground. But we'll let you decide on this little detail.


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