Floyd Mayweather Says He Bought a Lamborghini when He Got Out of Prison

One of the boxing’s most expected events, the $300 million mega-fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, is just 11 days away, so the entire country is following the undefeated champ’s every step. EPSN was the latest to create a series of video interviews with the five-division world champion and the discussion was once again targeted around his impressive car fleet, among other things.
Floyd Mayweather Says He Bought a Lamborghini when He Got Out of Prison 1 photo
ESPN’s Stephen A. was visiting Floyd Mayweather recently as the fighter would show a little bit of his opulent lifestyle which obviously includes his million dollars worth car fleet. One of the interviews in the April 18 segment has the two talking about the boxer’s collection of super expensive cars.

It’s the perfect occasion for Mayweather to brag once again about his assets and we’re kind of used to it. However, things get truly absurd when he says that the red hypercar is, in fact, a cheap Bugatti since it’s not “the most expensive money can buy”. We are talking about a speed monster that is currently valued at about 1.6 million dollars, yet the 38-year-old sportsman claims it’s not that much.

Things get even more annoying when he turns all nostalgic about the time he decided to buy the white Lamborghini. With great proud Mayweather explains: “This is the first car I bought the first day I was home from jail. When I was locked away, I’ve seen it in a book. So I said that I’m going to buy this when I get out.”

If that doesn’t get to your nerves, just wait and see when he admits that people call him “the dust collector” since he doesn’t even drive these exotics. Seriously, what’s wrong with this world?


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