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Floyd Mayweather is Buying Two Koenigsegg CCXR; One Is the Trevita

It’s no just social status with Floyd Mayweather’s mind-bending car fleet. The more expensive his hypercars get, the more his bank accounts grow. Earlier this month he decided to sell the gorgeous Ferrari Enzo he owned for six months. Now, two of the world’s most expensive vehicles have arrived at his favorite dealership: a Koenigsegg CCXR and CCXR Trevita. You know what the shocking part is? The five-division champ never drives all of his rides.
Floyd Mayweather is Buying Two Koenigsegg CCXR; One Is the Trevita 3 photos
Floyd Mayweather is Buying Two Koenigsegg CCXR; One Is the TrevitaFloyd Mayweather is Buying Two Koenigsegg CCXR; One Is the Trevita
All the companies that are somehow related to the 38-year-old boxer make a profit because of the way people see the products they are selling. People both hate and love Mayweather’s opulent lifestyle that quite often reminds them of Sheiks and Princes. As long as that image is associated with the fighter’s businesses, the cash keeps getting in.

That is why every ride has to be as rare and expensive as possible. As we said, the Enzo was one of the cars that stand out for the extreme value it has on the market. Well, for us it’s a great supercar that drives like the devil, but for him, it’s all about figures. Six months appear to be the average time a new car remains in Mayweather’s million-dollar worth garage. Sell two cars buy two cars
Run by his favorite car dealer Obi Okeke, Fusion Luxury Motors is one of the shops the boxer works with. They recently bought not one, but two Koenigsegg CCXR hypercars and even though they did not mention who their owner is, we’re quite positive it’s Floyd Mayweather.

It’s quite interesting to see, however, that even the loaded sportsman is slowly switching to greener vehicles, even if they cost a fortune. The first is a more “environmentally friendly” version of the CCX. It’s powered by the same engine but converted to use E85 and E100 ethanol fuel, as well as standard 98 octane petrol. That doesn’t mean it’s not a beast. When it’s running on ethanol, the power increases to 1,004 horsepower. Yep, over 1,000 ponies.

The interesting breed of this session (as if the previous car wasn’t crazy enough) is the CCXR Trevita. Now, this monster is featuring a diamond weave carbon fiber finish. It may not seem like a big deal, but that is, in fact, the result of a difficult process that was fully developed at Koenigsegg HQ. The fiber treatment is conducted carefully in small quantities, prior to further processing the prepreg material.

As you probably guessed by now, the Trevita is one of the world’s most expensive street-legal supercars. Moreover, only three of these jaw-dropping marvels of mechanics were ever created.

P.S.: Since these two cars are worth millions, we wondered if Floyd sold anything else besides the Enzo to buy them, so we dug a little deeper. We’re quite certain we also found his white-on-white Bugatti Veyron also listed at Fusion Luxury Motors. After all, they don’t call him Money for nothing...


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