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Floyd Mayweather Goes All White Everything, But His Fleet Is Better than the Song

“Married to the game/She even got a wedding ring/ Six white cars and I put that on everything/ White Benz/ White Porsch/ White bent/ White range/ White vet/ White Brains”. That’s how Young Jeezy’s All white feat. Yo Gotti single starts. It’s also what Floyd Mayweather chose for with a new bragging video he posted with a part of his impressive luxury car fleet.
Floyd Mayweather's cars in white 1 photo
When Young Jeezy wrote these lines, we’re sure something was white, and that was most likely his inspiration. White as in blank, of course. And we’re not saying that because we can’t find any logic whatsoever in the song, but we’re saying it for that lack of car knowledge.

You see, you can’t just put together a Mercedes-Benz, next to a Porsche, next to a Bentley, next to a Corvette and a Range Rover just like that. It has to be for a good reason.

At least that is what the five-division champion seems to have considered when he chose this particular song to bluster once again about his incredibly gorgeous car collection. As we said, it has to be for a good reason, and Mayweather’s point is to show his fans which of his vehicles are finished in white. There’s a list of the cars below so feel free to complete it in case you think there are others he missed.

As to the bragging factor, there’s no surprise here. We know he does it because his lifestyle helps The Money Team merchandise sell big time. It's a shame, however, that he never gets to drive them properly. “Race like Floyd Mayweather” would make for a great YouTube account. Just saying...


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