Florida Man Fires AK47 Derivative On Highway And Hits Two Cars, Nobody Died

The adventures of “Florida man” continue with new episodes. The latest representation of the “character” managed to get arrested after shooting a version of an AK47 on the highway.
This was the weapon used by the suspect. It is a derivative of the AK 47 called Mini Draco AK47 1 photo
Evidently, as almost any “Florida man” report, a different person was the subject of the news, but his name does not matter that much regard to what he did. A 36-year-old man began shooting from his car around 1 a.m. while driving on the Palmetto Expressway.

The road had to be closed in both directions to prevent any injuries or incidents, but the bullets he shot out of the Mini Draco AK 47 still managed to hit two cars and injure a person. The latter managed to drive himself to the hospital, where he received treatment for minor head injuries from debris.

Fortunately, the shooter was caught by police officers before hurting others. As NY Post reports, he hit a median, drove his Toyota Corolla into oncoming traffic, and exchanged gunfire with law enforcement officers who approached him. Somehow, he surrendered to avoid being gunned down.

Officials of the Miami-Dade Police have not discovered the reason why the man started shooting on the highway in the first place.

However, law enforcement officers searched his house after arresting him, and found that he had many more weapons at home. Charges are pending, and their outcome does not look fortunate for the suspect.

It is unclear why someone would decide to start shooting while driving on a highway in general, and this case does not seem to make much sense regardless how you try to comprehend what was going on.

Maybe he added a new weapon to his “collection,” and could not wait to get to the shooting range to show off his new acquisition. Evidently, getting a new gun is no excuse to start using it on public roads, but the anonymous hero who embodied “Florida Man” in this episode had other things on his mind.


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