Florida Man Cuts a Hole in His Truck to Rescue Kitten

Rescuing kittens sounds like a cozy activity but things were a bit different for one man in Florida, who cut his truck open to rescue one of these fluffy creatures. For those asking, it was a Chevy.
Florida Man Cuts a Hole in His Truck to Rescue Kitten 1 photo
Meet Errand Frazier, a Vero Beach resident who heard purring from another place than the engine compartment of his pickup, as CNN writes. The 50-year-old driver tried to identify the source of the noise, but couldn’t find any animal... around the vehicle.

He even left a can of food and installed a video camera in the attempt to get to the bottom of the story, but failed to do so. When the purring came back, Frazzier felt troubled, so he went on a fishing trip to clear his mind. However, as he reached his destination, the sounds returned.

Frazier then decided to grab his tools and cut a hole into his truck. Upon opening the side of the bed like a can of sardines, the man found a kitten hidden inside. He had no clue how the feline had gotten in there.

The man and his wife, Cindy are animal lovers, owning a dow and two cats, so Frazier wanted to save the kitten. We all know how difficult cats can get in such situation, so his “rescue operation” failed.

Desperate, the man turned to the Humane Society of Vero Beach and Indian River County for help. He drove his truck slowly to the society’s animal shelter, where the employees helped him retrieve the little cat.

The kitten was estimated to be about eight months old and it was named Megan. Subsequently, the cat was adopted, becoming the best friend of a family with two teenage girls.

The story went on the shelter’s Facebook page, with multiple people offering to provide financial support for Frazer to fix his truck. This is his and his wife’s only vehicle and the Humane Society even created a kitty truck fund to assist them.


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